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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to improve the security of my account?

Answer: You could sign in to your Thatsbooks account, and reset your password frequently in “Account Information-Account security” to protect your account safety.

2. Which browser is currently compatible with Thatsbooks website?

(1)IE series, based on the IE core browsers: IE6, 7, 8, 9, 360, maxthon, the world, Tencent TT;

(2)Non IE core browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari;

(3)Multi-core browsers: 360 Chromium, maxthon3, QQ, Sogou.

3. What is the problem of displaying account anomaly when login?

Answer: If your account is abnomal when you login, please contact customer service center immediately: [email protected]

4. If the information of the order could be changed after submitted successfully?

Answer: Sorry, the order could not be changed after submission. Please cancel the order and repurchase.

5. If the order could be recovered after cancelled?

Answer: The order could not be recovered once cancelled. Please carefully select it.

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