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Li Bai (Chinese Version)

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    Wang Yanju
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"Li Du's article is here, and the flames are long." Li Bai was hailed as a "poetry fairy" by later generations, and he was also called "Li Du" with Du Fu. Together with Du Fu, he pushed the art of Chinese poetry to the peak, leaving a precious legacy for future generations. legacy. Li Bai's poetry is a typical representative of the atmosphere of the prosperous Tang Dynasty. Throughout his life, the poet has embraced the whole world with enthusiasm, and has a keen sense of all beautiful things. The style of Li Bai's poetry is magnificent and elegant, and he is good at imagination, exaggeration and metaphor. Li Bai's poetry had a profound impact on future generations. There are more than 900 poems by Li Bai. This book selects 30 representative works of Li Bai's poems, mainly composed of Yuefu songs and quatrains that he is good at, including two parts: the poet's biography and works appreciation. Each work is accompanied by excellent traditional Chinese paintings that echo the artistic conception of the poems.

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