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Wang Wei(Chinese Version)

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    Chen Shuyuan
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Wang Wei's poems have a long-lasting influence in the whole Chinese classical poetry. The idyllic landscape poems developed from the Wei and Jin Dynasties have been comprehensively summarized and significantly improved by Wang Wei. Wang Wei is good at all kinds of poems, and can be called an all-rounder, especially good at five words. His profound artistic qualities in painting and music have made his poems a unique style of "painting in poetry" and "music in poetry". Wang Wei enriched and developed the lyrical art of Chinese classical poetry. Wang Wei's experience in Zen meditation has been integrated into poetry, which has created a unique state of being born outside the image and entering the heart of poetry, and the poetry and Zen worlds are one. Many later generations respected Wang Wei as "Poetry Buddha". There are more than 400 poems of Wang Wei, most of which are full of pride, enterprising spirit and impassioned sentiment. In the later period, he turned to landscapes and pastoral gardens, expressing leisurely feelings or Buddhist Zen. This book selects more than 20 representative works of Wang Wei's poems, including two parts: the poet's biography and works appreciation. Each work is accompanied by excellent traditional Chinese paintings that echo the artistic conception of the poems.

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