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Consumption-Led Growth: Strategy For China’s Transformation Of Development Models (Japanese Edition)

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    Chi Fulin
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Boosting domestic demands and consumption, releasing the consumption potential of urban and rural residents, and expanding domestic market size so as to rank it in the top of the world’s markets, all these measures can lay an important foundation for our economy to grow at the rate of eight percent in the next five to ten years, and play a key role in rebalancing the world economy. This book advocates economical and social transformation into a consumption-led economy consistent with the historical trends and the requirements of the time, and promotes a second round of transformation and reform in a determined way so as to realise fairness and sustainable development: to make consumption the internal force for economic growth, to ensure that most of the people can equally share the fruits of economic growth, to keep the market fully vigorous and efficient, to make resources and the environment sustainable, and to make public services the centre of the government.

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