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Science, Technology, Environment and Human Rights (China's Basic Information Series)(Chinese Edition)

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    China Society for Human Rights Studies
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The 5th Beijing Forum on Human Rights was themed “Science, Technology, Environment and Human Rights,” and had three sub-themes: “Scientific and Technological Development and Human Rights,” “Environment and Human Rights” and “Era of Information and Human Rights.” All attendants thought that this forum held against the backdrop that the Communist Party of China stuck to the “people first” Scientific Outlook on Development, added “respecting and protecting human rights” to the CPC Constitution and established the goal of “fully respecting and protecting human rights” for completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects was of great significance. The theme of this forum keeps abreast of the times and is of important realistic significance. Properly handling the relationships between science and technology, environment and human rights is a major topic of global concern and a common issue facing mankind. Environment is an important basis for human survival, scientific and technological progress is a powerful force promoting the development of human rights undertakings, and realizing all-round development and beneficial interaction of science and technology, environment and human rights is a fundamental guarantee for improving human life quality and promoting human happiness.

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