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Kubuqi Regreened (English Edition)

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    He Gu & Yang Chunfeng
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  • EBook Price: $ 16.55 USD

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Kubuqi Regreened is a realistic nonfiction book about the ecological restoration of the Kubuqi Desert, China’s seventh largest desert. Following a prologue highlighting the international recognition of the Kubuqi Model, the book traces the history of the Kubuqi Desert: how it turned into a land of boundless sand from lush forests, and how arduous and persistent efforts have been taken to regreen it, develop it, and turn it into an asset. The book also reveals, through narration with rich and vivid details, the various groundbreaking policies, technological innovations and eco-centric management mechanisms that sustain the success of the Kubuqi Model and allows it to be applied in other countries to mitigate and prevent desertification and restore the harmony between man and nature.

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