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Pangu Separating Heaven and Earth (Illustrated Famous Chinese Myths Series)(Turkish-Chinese Edition)

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    Duane Li xin;Shen Hong
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Pangu lived in the mucky universe, when he grow up, he cut open the mucky round egg-like universe with the axe he made. From that day onward, the sky and the earth were separated. Pangu pushed up the blue sky further from the earth, and kept on supporting the sky with both hands. He grew higher and with his height increasing every day, the separation between the sky and the earth became further and further. He supported the sky for many years, and then he passed away during his deep sleep. However, even if Pangu was dead, he had dedicated his whole body to the world. This series is four color printing. The beautiful pictures and simple words make this series prefect for Chinese and overseas children's reading.

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