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The Story of Mulan (Illustrated Famous Chinese Myths Series)(Turkish-Chinese Edition)

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    Yi Gang;Guo Xiao
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The legend of Mulan from ancient China, which was originally described in a Chinese poem known as Ballad of Mulan, has survived thousands of years and countless retellings, and this courageous woman was the first of many female warriors to be depicted in Chinese art and literature. To protect her father and her family, Mulan herself decided to join the army. Disguised as a man, she distinguished herself in battle as a brave warrior and a clever strategist. Finally, the enemy had been defeated, and Mulan returned home peacefully, giving up the awards given by the emperor. This book illustrates this story of courage and wisdom in plain words and with vivid drawings, in the hope of inspiring young readers everywhere. If you love enough and have courage enough, you can accomplish anything, no matter how impossible it might seem to others.

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