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Chinese Tea (In Chinese and Arabic Comparison)

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    The Editorial Board of Re-reading China Issues
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As a popular book introducing Chinese tea culture and knowledge, Chinese Tea is a comprehensive, specific and pragmatic book. It introduces brewing methods for all sorts of teas including green tea, black tea, yellow tea, white tea, oolong, dark tea and flower tea. In particular, the book explains the appreciation, collection and brewing of pu’er tea, introduces more than 250 natural and healthy teas and presents 500 or more tea therapeutic methods. It guides you on how to remove diseases and recuperate health by suiting your remedies,and enables you to use tea drinks by using traditional Chinese wisdoms to improve physical condition, body-shaping, detoxification, beautifying and skincare. Meanwhile, there are clear pictures attached to the explanations for tea leaves, tea sets, brewing process and tea appreciation, which not only make you clearer about tea selection, brewing and appreciation but also let you enjoy a visual feast by learning this whole process of health recuperation.

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